HI -- I'M MADDIE - THE NEW SHOP PUPPY paragraph here.

Donna Doran

Donns is the glue that makes our humble shop run. She started and owns the business, and keeps track of everything. 

She has been loving riding her Yuba recently, and Kona the dog enjoys getting pulled on the back of it. #pupvan

Rich Gutierrez

He likes dark beer, cab '71, sweaty hats and forest fires. In 1948 (approx) Rich headed a chapter of the FFA. Also, he'll fix your bike, so that is pretty cool. 

Rich wrenches for CX Nation on the side; come say hi at the races-- he'll get you going in time to make it to the start line. 

Miles Daly (Shop Kid)

Miles is an avid races of 'cross and road. He's our high school shop kid, but he knows his stuff better than most of the old guys out there. 

Come talk to him about the minutia of wheels or shifters. He will gladly talk tech. 

The Breaking Away Staff

Much like our ramshakle hero's in the movie that gave us our name (Breaking Away, 1979) we're a cast of four bike-loving employees. Rich will even sing to you in an Italian accent if you ask really, really nicely. We have our unsung heros as well (Here's looking at you, Robin), so come on by and say hi. 

Kona passed in February --WE WILL ALL MISS HER