Shop Prices

Super Tune$120
Just a rub-a-dub-dub$30
Assemble bike
Build from frame
Strip to frame$75
Brake adjustment$10ish
Brake Bleed$40+
Brake Install/Cable Install$15ish
Fork Service
Wheel build$75
Spoke Replace$25
Hub work$15-40
Fix a flat$12

Shop Service

We are a full-service repair shop. We offer everything from tune-up to tubular glues, custom fitting to wheel building. Come on by.

Below is a list of approximate service prices. Why approximate? Because we promise to never overcharge you. Bring your bike in for a tune-up, but nothing needed to be done to the shifters? We're not going to charge you for a full tune-up. Its that easy- great service, great value, great rides. 

10% off service

Mention this add and receive 10% off your next bike service. 

Sing the lyrics to your favorite song when you bring your bike in and receive 20% off (bonus points if you pick a song from the original Breaking Away movie)

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