Wow. That is the word we keep using with Raleigh these days. Top of the line cross bikes? Yep! Spectacular kids bikes at $20-50 less than companies like Specialized? Check. Gravel bikes? Road? Mountain innovation? Check, check, check. This company does it all, and we are impressed every time. 

Brands, Gear, and Tools


Everything you need to ride your best, and have a blast. Here is a selection of what we're doing now. Keep your eyes open, we constantly bring in new stock based on what is rad and catches our eye. 

Currently, we're loving DudeGirl, Hincapie, Northwave and Fox in the apparel department. 

Fatty Fatty Fat Bikes

Even cooler than you think

Fat bikes are all the rage right now. And no, they are not just for snow in the frozen tundra in far off places like Montucky and Santa's Workshop. 

These bikes are also for sand, mud, and general joy. One of our employees has even taken to racing them and ripping flow trail. They are balanced, grippy, and all together awsome.

We've brought in one of KHS's 4Seasons for you to check out. 

Yuba Bikes

cargo, electric, mini-van bike

Yuba bikes have many claims to fame. Apart from their immense versitility, they are designed right here in Marin. Locavores, rejoice with us!

Yuba bikes are endlessly customizable and come in cruiser and long haul style. Set them up for multiple kids, dogs, parakeets, or even your traveling ice-cream stand. Whatever your passion, Yuba will transport you there in style and with minimal impact to the environment. #nogasplease #50milesperburrito #moregreenthanapriusfilledwithlimes

Added bonus? We sell even cheaper than online retailers